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    Packaging for Food

    Fresh Foods


    Keep packaged fresh foods fresher longer with our stock High Pressure Process (HPP) compatible containers and barrier containers. 

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    Keep your frozen products fresh with our high quality film and pouches. Our SteamQuick? products offer steamed food in minutes. For your microwavable meals we can provide flexible or rigid packaging solutions.

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    Our high-performance films provide the protection needed for processed meat, cheese, and specialty foods.

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    Dry Foods

    We have developed a new range of high moisture barrier films that are perfect for dry mixes, crackers, cereal bags and box liners, and more.

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    Display your bread and specialty baked goods with opaque, clear, and metalized coating options.

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    Pet Food

    Keep food fresh for even the furriest members of the family with our stand up packaging pouches and wide range of films. We can provide anything from containers to closures, to the dispensing system, or films.


    We develop packaging and films for all of your favorite snack items—from bagged chips to individual portioned items—that ensure your product stays fresher longer.

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    For meals stored in the refrigerator, freezer, or on the shelf, we’ll help you create packaging solutions for any of your quick and easy, microwavable meal products.

    Sauces, Dressings & Condiments

    Whether you are looking for a condiment bottle with a non-drip closure, a salad dressing in a pouch, or a more unique package, our team will work with you to create packaging that is distinct and efficient.


    We offer a variety of packaging solutions for all of your sweet offerings, whether you need a tube for your icing, film for your candy, or a rigid container for your gum or other treats.


    We offer a complete line of dairy packaging for your retail and institutional needs, including: cultured-yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, dips, and frozen treats like ice cream and sherbet. Our expertise enables us to create innovative packaging solutions for all of your dairy product needs.

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