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    Color Scents?

    Color Scents is your “extraordinary” small trash solution. Our 4, 8 & 13 gallon trash bags provide a subtle burst of scent to help you maintain a clean and inviting home.

    Product Features

    • Unique Scents & Colors: Consumer validated subtle scents for the home available in complementary colors unique to the category.
    • Twist Tie: The traditional trash bag closure that meets consumers’ everyday needs
    • Drawstring: Convenience closure delivered in small trash bag sizes, and in tall kitchen.
    • Right-Fit? Drawstring Closure: A bag designed to fit the rim of the receptacle, preventing it from falling in to the can as it is filled.

    Available Scents

    • Lavender
    • Lemon zest
    • Linen fresh
    • Mountain air
    • Rain shower
    • Vanilla flower
    Color Scents?

    For more information visit mycolorscents.com.

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