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    Shrink Film Image

    We  offer a complete line of shrink films adaptable to most shrink wrap and shrink bundling requirements.

    Heavy Duty

    Superior mechanical properties for downgauging, and abrasive applications.

    High Gloss and Clarity

    Crystal clarity and superior strength for retail and institutional beverage, food, and commercial products packaging.

    Low Temperature

    Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) and Ice Cream (IC) film with excellent physical properties and sealing at cold temperatures.

    Mailer Film

    Overwrap for magazine inserts, envelope windows, and bundled mailings.

    Overwrap/Film Over Film (FOF)

    Controlled coefficient of friction (COF) and lower activation/sealing temperatures.

    Premium Performance

    Superior dispensing, cutting, feeding, shrinking, and sealing on high speed single roll packaging equipment.

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