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    We produce food wrap films for the supermarket, case ready, foodservice, and household markets. Our food wrap films are available in all popular sizes and gauges to service most food applications.

    Case Ready Film


    We provide many film products for the case ready market. Each film is created with a unique double extrusion process that allows for exceptional gauge consistency. Case ready films perform exceptionally on Exact, Omori, Ossid and ULMA wrapping equipment. Films are available in plain and laser perforated.

    Supermarket Film

    We are proud to be a value-added solutions provider for the supermarket industry. Our films are great for packaging perishable meats, produce, deli, and bakery items. Supermarket films are available for hand wrap and automatic wrapping equipment.

    Foodservice Film

    Our unique double extrusion process allows us to consistently produce high-quality professional grade films with exceptional cling and clarity. Cutterbox? films are available in standard, metal edge, and slide-cut.

    Our Revolution? Cutterbox film provides a one-of-a-kind high gauge-to-strength film. Revolution also offers customers an environmentally responsible solution that is made from 100% recycled content.

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