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    Industrial Bottle Hero
    Now available in a wide variety of colors, the bottles pair perfectly with our industrial child-resistant and continuous-thread closures to create a complete package.

    Superior Graphics

    • Outstanding print clarity and fidelity
    • Available in offset, flexographic, and gravure
    • Metallic foils for premium branding
    • Extensive color selection

    Sustainable Solutions

    • IML labeling eliminates need for adhesives and backing materials
    • Integrates with bottle to help improve recyclability, depending on products

    High Preformance

    • Increased wall strength for better shape and volume control
    • Resists moisture, chemicals, and scratching
    • Excellent dimensional stability - resists curl and edge welding
    • Extraordinary heat seal layer
    • Clear view strip to see product


    Wood Staining

    Lawn Care

    Antifreeze & Coolant

    Automotive Oils

    Floor Sealers

    Convenient Options

    • Now available in low MOQs
    • Offered in 6-pack reshippers
    亚洲 自拍色综合图区