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    Bulk Drink Cups for Food Service, Souvenir, Disposable
    At Berry Plastics, we manufacture a variety of souvenir cups, disposable cups, and other foodservice packages. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our stock offerings, our design team can create a custom package to meet your needs.

    Clear Drink Cups

    clear cups

    We have a wide assortment of recyclable, premium clear cups for your blended, iced, frozen, and mixed specialty beverages.

    Disposable Drink Cups

    disposable cups

    Disposable thermoformed plastic cups are light weight and cost effective with a variety of resin color and decorating options.

    Souvenir Drink Cups

    souvenir cups

    Reusable souvenir drink cups offer beverage solutions for special promotions and everyday use.

    Stock Cups


    Shop our selection of stock artwork cups with low minimum order quantities and quick turn-around times. Where noted, these stock cups are co-packed with lids for your convenience.


    Versalite is the only fully recyclable disposable cup that still meets current performance and consumer experience needs, providing a superior sustainability option for to-go beverages.

    亚洲 自拍色综合图区