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    We bring one of the widest ranges of extruded tube offerings to the market. With endless combinations of materials, closures, resin colors, and decoration, we will walk with you through the creation of a new tube solution.

    Vast Range of Sizes, Styles, and Materials

    We offer extruded tubes in a vast range of sizes, styles and colors, in a polished, no-seam look.

    • Available diameters: 60mm (2 3/8"), 55mm (2 3/16"), 50mm (2"), 40mm (1 1/2"), 35mm (1 3/8"), 30mm (1 3/16"), 25mm (1"), 22mm (7/8"), 19mm (3/4"), 16mm (5/8")
    • Capacity from 7ml (1/4 fl oz) to 400ml (14 fl oz)
    • Available with multiple head styles including 22-400, M4, M8, #12, #15, #28 lube
    • Complementary flip-top, stand-up, center-dispensing, and child-resistant closures available

    亚洲 自拍色综合图区