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    At Berry, we know that your brand’s packaging doesn’t end at the package itself.  Our printing and decorating experts can help you from design to delivery by helping you evaluate options from minimalistic to deluxe.

    Flexographic Print

    Flexographic, or often referred to as flexo, is a process which utilizes a flexible relief plate that can be used for printing on almost any type of substrate. The process is fast, consistent, and the print quality is high. This widely used technology produces photo-realistic images, with a competitive cost. Commonly used for printing on the non-porous substrates required for various types of food packaging, this process is also well suited for printing large areas of solid color.

    Applications: Laminate tubes, pressure sensitive labels, flexible packaging

    ICONIC Printing

    ICONIC is Berry's breakthrough innovation of utilizing Indirect Flexo printing to create true CMYK separations for round and non-round products. This technology combines high quality printing with a competitive cost. We are the first to use this technology to print directly on a round and non-round containers.

    Applications: Drink cups, round containers, non-round containers, lids

    Heat Transfer Labels

    Heat transfer labeling is great for sharp, bright colors and high-quality photographic images. Metallic, fluorescent, pearlescent, and thermochromatic inks are available in matte and gloss finishes.

    Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers

    Screen Printing

    Screen printing is a technique where a squeegee forces ink through a mesh/metal “screen” stencil creating an image on a substrate.

    Applications:  Bottles, laminate tubes, extruded tubes, pressure sensitive labels

    Dry Offset Printing

    The Dry Offset Printing process provides the most efficient method for high speed, large volume printing of multi-colored line copy, half-tones and full process art on preformed plastic parts. This option is widely used and can be completed at very high speeds.

    Applications:  Round containers, lids, drink cups, extruded tubes, jars, closures

    Pressure Sensitive Labeling

    Pressure sensitive labels are frequently used for smaller run quantities, colored containers, coupons, game pieces or when paper quality printing is needed. At Berry, we coordinate the artwork, printing, and application of pressure sensitive labels.

    Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers, lids, drink cups

    In-Mold Labeling

    In-Mold Label printing works well with four-color process images for colored and clear containers and lids. Up to two spot colors may also be used, and metallic inks are available. The finished label is placed into the mold cavity and is permanently adhered to the part when the resin fills the mold. This premium decoration cannot be removed and is highly scratch resistant.

    Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers, lids, souvenir drink cups

    Shrink Sleeves

    Shrink sleeves provide a good option for products that do not allow for printing and also offer a full-length, 360 degree decoration. Shrink sleeves are normally glossy, but they can also be matte or textured. High definition graphics are available in special metallic and thermochromatic inks.

    Applications:  Round containers, non-round containers

    Hot Stamping

    Hot stamping is a dry printing process in which a metallic or color pigment is transferred from a roll of foil to the package by way of heat and pressure. Hot stamped bands, logos or text can be used to give your product a unique, upscale appearance.

    Applications:  Closures, laminate tubes, overcaps, extruded tubes

    Cold Foil Stamping

    Cold foil stamping provides the same finish as hot stamping, but is a more affordable option for laminate tubes. The image is printed onto a substrate with the use of a UV curable cold foil adhesive. Once the UV dryer cures the adhesive, foil is transferred to the sticky image on the substrate.

    Applications:  Laminate tubes, pressure sensitive labels


    Vacuum metalizing involves heating a coating metal to a boiling point in a vacuum chamber. The condensation deposits the metal onto the substrate’s surface. This final coating provides a shade of color and a protective layer for the metal.

    Applications:  Overcaps

    Braille Printing

    Braille printing is available to meet all of your European Union (EU) Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical label requirements. Braille labels can be produced to comply with a variety of EU requirements and international standards. Braille is applied to the label via a rotary screen with a specific mesh and special ink.

    Applications:  Pressure sensitive labels

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